Update: 5 years 36 weeks

Kami dari PT CAKRA MANUNGGAL PERSADA NUSANTARA mitra dari Bank BUKOPIN untuk perekrutan tenaga kerja, dengan ini bermaksud mengundang Saudara/i untuk mengikuti seleksi penerimaan karyawan untuk posisi sebagai berikut:

1. Funding Oficcer

2. Account Officer

3. Relationship Officer

4. Staff Administration

5. Receptionist

Update: 5 years 37 weeks

Looking for a great career growth?


A position that offers You opportunities to master all ANZ products and business processes.

With more than 300 multi-talented people within our Service Department, we are giving You the opportunity to learn and grow in competitive and dynamic working environment.

• University graduate D3/ S1 from any major
• Enthusiastic, hard working
• Highly motivated
• Has good communication skills and excellent interpersonal skills
• Fluent in English both oral and written
• Computer literacy (Words, Excel)

Update: 5 years 37 weeks

Universitas Gunadarma kembali mengadakan kegiatan UG Career Days pada tanggal 9 - 11 Mei 2012, Jam 09.00 - 16.00 WIB bertempat di Gd.3 Lt.1 (Ruang ex. Perpustakaan)kampus D, Jl. Margonda Raya No.100 Pondok Cina Depok. Perusahaan yang berpartisipasi:

1.PT. Kontinum Era Artha, Tbk
2.PT. Computrade Technology International, Tbk
3.PT. Bank Danamon
4.PT. Pelangi Fortuna Global
5.PT. Bank ANZ Indonesia
6.PT. Provis Garuda Services
7.PT. Astra Graphia InformationTechnologi
8.PT. Perintis Pelayanan Paripurna (Century Health Care)
9.PT. Sapta Sarana Sejahtera

Update: 5 years 38 weeks


Main Job Descriptions:
• Create Test Scenarios and Test Cases
• Perform all of applicable testing types , including but not limited : functionality testing, performance testing, and system integration testing
• Create test documentation
• Synergy working with project team to achieve on-time and on-budget project performance
• Continue acquiring various technologies
• Perform structured coaching to other team member

General Requirements:
Have related background in software development

Soft Skill Requirements:

Update: 5 years 38 weeks


Main Job Descriptions:
• Participate in a variety of recruitment activities so that the organization’s recruitment process is efficient, effective and equitable.
• Prepare job advertisements, web postings and job specifications
• Contact candidates, arrange interview times and develop appropriate interview questions in collaboration with the hiring so that interviews are conducted efficiently and equitably

Update: 5 years 38 weeks


Main Job Descriptions:
• Responsible to make journal entries, verify journal & ledger balances, support monthly close, compute taxes, and handle accounting activities.

• Female, age max. 27 years old.
• Diploma / Bachelor degree in Accounting or Finance.
• Min. 1-2 years experience in similar position.
• Having knowledge / skill about general ledger, inventory control, cost accounting, petty cash, AR, AP, tax, bank management and invoicing.
• Having a good interpersonal skill, innovative, creative and highly motivated.

Update: 5 years 38 weeks


Main Job Descriptions:
•Perform solution stretching for providing added-value to customers
•Synergy working with project team to achieve on-time and on-budget performance
•Continue acquiring various technologies
•Perform structured coaching to other team member

General Requirements:
Have related background in software development, and just love to code

Soft Skill Requirements:
• ‘why’-attitude and open-minded
• Highly commitment to work and good team player.
• Highly motivated with spirit to learn new things.

Update: 5 years 38 weeks


Job Descriptions:
• Achieve budget revenue and maintain healthy pipelines of prospects.
• Plan, organize and execute business activities in order to bring revenue to company and grow the business.
• Maintain a good relationship at all levels within the organization of the prospects, named account and sales partners.
• Develop and produce price quotation/proposal in response to the request of prospects or clients.
• Develop product and solution knowledge and present it to the prospects or clients.


Update: 5 years 38 weeks

After more than a decade in the software services business, Kontinum is now a group of companies specializing in ICT related business. Our venture companies such as AlgoLab Solution, BOSNET Distribution Indonesia and Rumah ITKU are running autonomously. Together, Kontinum Group is a network of independent companies that share these values: Customer Satisfaction, People and Teamwork, Knowledge and Innovation, Fighting Spirit, and Result Oriented.

Update: 5 years 40 weeks

Universitas Gunadarma kembali mengadakan Career Days tgl 9 - 11 Mei 2012 berlokasi di Kampus D Jl. Margonda Raya No,100 Pondok Cina Depok. Kegiatan dilakukan mulai pukul 09.00 - 16.00 WIB.