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PT ACE is the IT Service Solution existing under PT Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi, well-known as AdIns. Historically, AdIns was established in April 2000 and nowadays
has become one of the biggest IT companies in Indonesia. Initially, PT ACE is established on one division with AdIns focusing on Recruitment Services.
On its rapid growth, it is decided to be independent as PT Adicipta Carsani Ekakarya as subsidiary of PT AdIns. We are equipped with comprehensive knowledge and skills about IT industry to deliver the best service to our clients.

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Update: 7 weeks 1 day

Agung Logistic Group
A Company of Agung Concern Group wich focused on Logistics and Transportation.

Starting our business since 1963 at Tanjung Priok and transformed into a giant logistics company.

Now, we providing adequate services consistently and become a cooperative partner for our customer. We obtained ISO 9001 certification from URS, UKAS Management System since 2006.

Our Company
1. Agung Car Trans
Car Delivery Services

2. Agung Line
RoRo Shipping transportation

3. Agung Warehouse
Public Warehouse

4. Agung Freight
Export and Import Services