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Public News

Update: 4 weeks 9 hours

Live the Practice: Internships at Roche
What career opportunities will I have at the end of my studies? What is it like to work in an international
company? How can I start to learn what I can contribute with what I got?
Show us what you have got, personally and professionally!
Your fresh input not only helps drive us forward, but more importantly it brings you further: an internship is
an important way to experience daily work life, gather practical experience and can be the launching pad
to deepen interests within a subject of study.

Update: 4 weeks 10 hours

Job Vacancies

  1. Purchasing Staff
  2. Costing Staff
  3. Planning Staff
  4. Product Development Industrial Engineering
  5. Senior Merchandiser

- Male (2,3,4,5), Female (1-5)
- Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering(1,3,4), all major(2,5)
- Min.1 year(s) experience in related position(4,5), Freshgraduate are welcome to apply (1,2,3)
- Knowing garment manufacture system preferably (5)
- Fluent in English both oral and written(1,3,4,5)